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Patient Feedback

Dr. Pi has helped me with my severe headaches and the staff is very nice. I would recommend her to anyone.

Lucia. L

I cannot express my gratitude toward Dr. Pi. She is my savior. I am so blessed to have her. Thank you for making me feel better and continuing toward my recovery.

Diane Santonino

Dr. Pi is very professional, knowledgeable and helpful. I am amazed by what she does. I take ¼ of the OTC pain relievers I used to take. Dr. Pi even prevents my annual sinus infection. I tell her my ailments and she makes them better. I highly recommend Dr. Jian Pi as an acupuncturist and healer.

Marjorie. S

Dr. Pi is an outstanding doctor. Dr. Pi has changed my life! I wish all doctors were like her!

Denise. K

Dear Dr. Pi,

I am writing to thank you for all the dedication of your work you use in healing me. With all my various disc problems and severe sciatica problems, you have taken away so much of my pains. I praise you to everyone I talk to. I tell people they have to give the treatment time to work. Your teachers would be proud of you if they could see you now.

Once again, thank you.

Very truly yours,

Helen Barbato

I have suffered from severe arthritis for many years. At times I felt excruciating pain in every joint in my body and could barely walk. I have been treated by various doctors, taken many different medications and even had knee surgery. My limitations prevented me from living a quality life.

A desire for a more natural approach to healing led me to acupuncture, but I found that not all acupuncturists were the same. Their methods differ and so do the results. It was Dr. Jian Pi, with her highly-trained skills in acupuncture and oriental medicine, whose treatments greatly reduced my joint pain and gave me relief that I haven’t felt in years! She also gave me hope. This occurred within weeks of starting treatment. Best of all, it’s non-invasive.

Dr. Pi is an outstanding and compassionate physician. Thanks to Dr. Pi, I’m enjoying a better quality of life. It is a precious gift and I am very grateful.

K. Zhang

Hi Dr. Pi.

I write my letter to the potential patients reading this.

I have osteoarthritis. I had reconstructive surgery to one wrist in 1992 because of the crippling pain I was experiencing. Before and subsequent to then I had tried western approaches to reducing pain, with unfortunate and disappointing results. I was in Los Angeles at the time and found my way to acupuncture and finally relief. I moved from LA to several other places over the years and sought out acupuncture wherever I lived as my arthritis continued to get worse. Long story short: when I first saw Dr Pi almost two years ago, my sciatica and the pain in my wrists, hands, and feet was constant and excruciating at times. I was scared and depressed. Within weeks Dr Pi took my pain away. I’m not kidding: within weeks! And totally away! She is the best acupuncturist I have ever had (of six). A year later and pain-free, and with Dr Pi’s help, I went off my antidepressant.

Dr Pi also took care of a painful TMJ episode in a single treatment, and on another single occasion cleared up weeks of nighttime congestion (“It’s a powerful spot, for allergies too” she said when I returned and told her I completely cleared up after my last visit; I had been astonished!).

I continue to see Dr Pi regularly; she keeps me free of pain and mentally balanced (I think!). And for the 45-60 minutes I’m on the treatment table (with needles in), I’m the most relaxed I am all week.!

Thanks Dr. Pi,

Carolee Caffrey

Dr Pi

I finished the herbal medicine two weeks ago. Afterwards I caught a cold, but did not develop a sinus infection. Thank you for your gracious and wonderful care.


Dear Dr. Jian,

I’ve written this recommendation of your work to share with other LinkedIn users.

Details of the Recommendation: “Dr. Pi is a fantastic Accupuncturist. I have gone to numerous accupuncturists in the past and she was the most professional, most thorough and truly the most experienced. At first her practice was a bit different then other accupunturists i had gone to in the past. I actually had gone to two others before her and never believed in the medicine. I was a bit nervous when i went in because the office is very chinese oriental medicine authentic. Its quite, peaceful and very tranquil. There is very light oriental music playing in the backround. The first two accupuncturist offices i had been to were more like doctors offices. Bottom line, she will not rush you. You wont feel like you are being treated just to get to the next patient. She took her time if it took an hour it took an hour. If it took an hour and a half well then that was what was required. I came in to her office diagnosed with Bell’s Palsey. Within 6 weeks i had minimal to no signs of paralysis on my face. I 100% contribute it to her proffesional as well as her extremely knowlegeable and vast experience of the medicine. I was recommended by a few people in as well as out of state to see Dr. Pi. I was told she was the best around. Based upon my personnal experience, i would absolutely agree with others recommendations and as well highly recommend her as accupuncturist/physician.”

Service Category: accupuncture/hollistic medicine

Jason Monitto

Hi Dr. Pi,

I want to take this opportunity to say thank your for helping me to feel well again. When I came to you I had injured my “good knee”, and was walking with a cane. Traditional medical care failed to help me make a complete recovery. I had received one cortisone injection and was cautioned not to be too aggressive in getting more. It only helped for a while. With your skill at acupuncture over several weeks the pain went away completely and I was good as new. In addition, for the past year I had chronic pain in my back and right knee. I had begun to wonder whether I would ever be without back pain again. I was depressed and had restricted my activities to accommodate the pain.  Whereas traditional medicine and physical therapy helped to alleviate the pain for temporary periods,  once again your acupuncture treatments have healed me and I am able to engage in my life again, as I once was. I don’t know how to thank you.

Blessings, Judy Greenberger

Dear Dr. Pi,

Thank you,  with all my heart, for your continuing help, compassion, generosity and healing, you have been such an important accompanying Angel in my life and I deeply appreciate who you are and all you do.

May this holiday season living you greatest joy and the new year true peace of heart.

Fondly Rita

Dear Dr. Pi,

Philiys and I are so grateful for all your help to us, thank you so much! You are an excellent doctor whose skill and compassion have. I will you greatly when you leave manhattan hut im sure we will keeep in touch.

Wishing you and your family Happy Holiday and a healthy and Happy New Year!

all heart, Kim